The Wash Room

Another room that remains and shows evidence of “modern” times, however dated by our standard is the “wash room” (as it was noted on the original floor plans). This room is located towards the back of the house, a portion that is not lived in currently.

Through the door in the photo is the “dairy” another small room now used as a laundry room.  These two rooms are located directly next to the old kitchen.  There is also a less ornate fireplace in the kitchen itself, plain brick instead of marble as the others are in the rest of the home.

One of the two piazzas has an entrance off of this kitchen and a passage to the back has a pass through window.  Servants would have passed prepared foods to the panty for placement on the dining room table.

146 Maple dining don't use

The door pictured to the right was the kitchen.  In the back to there are 2 doors, the one on the right was the panty and the china closet to the left. The servants pass through window was in the pantry and still exists. The second piazza has an entrance off to the far left of this dining room.

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